Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Shin Godzilla" Blu-Ray & Movie Opinion.

Kaiju fans have a new reason to rejoice with the new blu-ray release of the newest reboot, "Shin Godzilla" aka "Godzilla Resurgence".

The bold, new take on Toho's cash cow isn't exactly what many kaiju fans were expecting, especially American fans but that's a good thing.

The US released blu-ray/dvd/digital download pack only has one extra: a podcast-like interview with distribution company "Funimation's" resident Godzilla nerds.

The blu-ray itself is of exceptional picture & sound quality. The movies special effects are eye popping! Options are Original Japanese with English subtitles or Dubbed English.

The movie itself is a much needed reboot to bring new ideas into the Godzilla Mythos & it does so in spades!  Harkening back to the original film in 1954, it takes a different approach to traditional kaiju story telling.

It's an allegorical study of how mired Japanese government is in red tape & disaster response woven into the monster story.

Godzilla himself is now a horrifying harbinger of death & destruction. The new ideas of Godzillas origins, his physiology & abilities are interestingly expounded upon.

A true kaiju-lover will want this as an addition to their collection.

Deadite Joe ranking: 4/5 Chainsaws.