Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goofing Around Senoia & TWD (8-22-13)

Hi All!

With my crazy schedule lately, I have been neglecting my TWD buddies. So, @picklesandpdots and I decided to run down to where TWD is currently filming. I'm glad I did as I finally got to see my buddies and we just goofed around for a few hours! I mean, we did see a lot of zombies- the best one I saw had both arms torn off. The area where we had chosen to hang out was the best as we could see the large crowd on the opposing street being told to move back. There was only 6 of us over at our viewing location and probably had the best view of the walkers, cast & crew as they went back & forth to Craft Services.

We saw Danai Guirara, Chandler Riggs, Eulyn C.Womble  and a few regular "walker" actors that looked like they were just arriving. We didn't stay but a few hours to check it out and fellowship with our fellow fans.

Something funny did happen, although I do not know if it's related or not. A low flying, old, olice drab green, military Huey helicopter flew a circle around the building where the shooting was taking place. They did one circle and flew away. Maybe it was part of the shoot, maybe it wasn't. Looked like it had a FLIR mounted under the nose, so it could have been the GSP doing marijuana fly overs- it is about that time of year for them to be doing that. Maybe they got curious, I dunno. It does seem kinda odd though.

The large brick building in the background is where filming was taking place.
This is to the right of the last picture, it's Craft Services.
Anyway, we had to leave early and of course, after we left we received word that Chandler Riggs came out and met with the small group! Lol! Well, life gets in the way sometimes ya know!
Alright folks, that's all I'm saying today...except "boots"...drop the 'tude, you ain't all that with them big old legs....LMFAO!
Later Gators

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  1. Ugh!! I do NOT know where to get this information as it seems to be a highly protected secret . . from SOME people anyway. How do I get on the insiders list? :)