Thursday, September 5, 2013

TWD Weirdo-of-the-Week #2 (9-5-2013)

Wow! Yet another entry into the "TWD Weirdo-of-the-Year Competition"! It's hard to believe that someone could possibly top some of the things that have been happening so far during this filming season, but we have another contestant!

A big "TWD Weirdo Welcome" to 'bigflo1127' (Ebay user name)! See, 'bigflo' has actually tried to enter the competition before about two months ago by interrupting a movie tour locally in which he was not a part of. Oh, he screamed & yelled and threatened to buy bolt cutters to break into certain locations. At the time, there was a lot of contestants, so I let it slide.

However, his attempt this time to garner the "Weirdo-of-the-Week" got my attention. An Ebay listing for a "walker" shirt appeared and 'bigflo1127' described that he and his son had found the prop clothing near the small bridge near the prison while touring. He even provided a picture of his son standing just outside of the prison set at Raleigh Studios! As we all know, there ARE NO tours of those studios and he certainly trespassed there to get in as far as he did- with his SON, nonetheless! So, I hereby enter "bigflo1127" into the competition for the following reasons: 1) He caused a terrible scene, disrupting a tour, 2)- He trespassed onto Studio Property, 3)- He obviously stole a prop & 4)- He took his son along for the criminal ride!

Kudos, ASSHAT! Not only for giving us someone to laugh at, but for possibly screwing up your sons view of right & wrong! Here's one of the pics from the description:
I wonder if he stole the sign too! Click the Link below to see the actual listing!!

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