Monday, March 31, 2014

TWD Season 4 Finale!


OK folks, it's over & done with for this season! Here's what I thought about the series finale episode:

It sure wasn't what I expected, but not in a bad way. I think they way they edited the episode to underscore Ricks evolution (or de-evolution as some might say) wasn't really necessary as we all know what Rick has done. It doesn't make sense to do it that way from the perspective of a new viewer either, as the flash back scenes wouldn't help them at all to understand the transformation without more context.

 Regardless, the episode picked up ques from the comics in the Hunters finding Rick & the gang, which I liked. I really liked the way Rick approached Terminus. That's the way I would have done it. As I stated in my last blog, the other gang just meandered all up in Terminus without a second thought! I was also glad to see that my speculation regarding the memorial room was right, looks like the name of all the people that they've sacrificed or have died are written on the floor.

Further, we know that the cannibal hypothesis seems to be correct, as we saw bloody bones of what appeared to be human remains in one area as the group is being shot at and "herded" to the box cars. Also, the clue of the powered milk and the faint yelling of others in the other train cars can be heard as well. Cramped up, fattened up & slaughtered.

The rear door was obviously the "right" way in, as Mary stated that she thought that Rick and company were smart and could be one of them. Looks like the "dummy" way in is a test to weed out potential members from meals.

Could we finally be seeing the start of Carl's dark descent into that "dark place" that execs, writers & the actors keep alluding to? He's seen his father go there and keep it together, perhaps it's foreshadowing that promised story arc.

Now, the "brutality" part that was highly touted, to me, wasn't there. There has been more brutal moments than Rick biting Joe in the neck and going ape-shit on Dan. To be honest, Dan did deserve everything he got...and more. There's nothing more sickening than a pedophile rapist. Rick flipped the switch and punished him as his conscious would allow. Now, the scene itself put me in an uncomfortable position, as I did not know how they were going to show the act itself upon Carl. I can't watch scenes like that without squirming a little- I just don't like sexual violence in any form- especially when it involves children. However, they conveyed the danger without going to far and for that I'm glad.

As an aside, during filming the box car scene, there was one take where Rick walked up the steps alone, entered the rail car and then we hear him scream. Maybe they shot different things and saw how it played out during editing maybe. Who knows? Maybe they shot something now that will be used in Season 5? Just guessing.

Overall for Season 4? Here's my top four moments:
                                                                           1) Prison attack by the Governor.
                                                                           2) Death of Herschel.
                                                                           3) Carol murders Lizzie.
                                                                           4) Rick inside Terminus.

OK, so with that said, I'm waiting on April/May so we can start going back to watch them film season 5 and get some pics! No hiatus for us here in Georgia for TWD!

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