Monday, April 21, 2014

TWD Season 5 Filming & Coverage! 4-21-14

TWD SEASON 5: Here We Go Again

Well, well, well - here we are again, folks! As the rest of fandom who are not lucky enough to live in the filming areas are waiting until October to get their TWD fix, we are within days of being able to begin going to filming to get ours!

We all now know that the first 8 scripts are completed, a lot of pre-production has been done by the various departments & the read-thrus are most likely already underway. So as location filming begins, you know that I'll be there- along with the usual local group of fans.

This all depends, as it has in the past, on where they shoot & what/who we can see when we arrive. Last years Plant Yates shoot (see previous blog entries regarding that fiasco) was pretty sealed up, as was a number of others compared to years past, so it's a crap shoot as to what we see & who we'll get to meet.

I let up a little last year on releasing pics & videos from our set visits because so much had changed between Season 3 location security & Season 4's. Also, we had a lot of goofball fans pulling idiotic shenanigans it kinda pissed me off to be around some of those dummies. I mean, past locations are still being stolen from, broken into, trespassed upon and many other equally stupid acts.Believe me when I tell you that there's a lot of people getting in trouble that you never hear about (except locally)!

This year for me will be a little more generous with pics & videos again. I say this because I see a lot of fans posting on Youtube  "insider" information & speculations in which most is incorrect. One of the more popular TWD Youtubers lives in California and he reports about filming locations & fan pics of filming...but he's usually  way off base or fail to actually talk to someone who is on-the-spot & is straight up wrong- but he presents it as if it was fact or he was there. Silly. Why say something along the lines of "TWD is allegedly filming at ________, but I don't know for sure." right after people who are at the location begin sharing pics & videos of the locations & interactions? This has led to a lot of his viewers to regard his statements as "fact" and then the info get's distorted into something far different. As an aside, his report is usually off by a couple of weeks and is by no means "real time"!

I like "real time" relaying of information, however this jump-the-gun approach can be misleading as sometimes we don't really know what we're looking at in terms of context. So, I'm going to go back into my "Season 3 Mode" and go to as many location sets as possible this year & get as much visual information as possible to relay to the fans. I'll do so respectfully (and legally) to the production. I'll go ahead and tell you this: the main Terminus building is up in Atlanta, but a lot of the Terminus stuff will be filmed in/around Senoia.

 I'm not going to cover the Atlanta shoots because of the sheer amount of people that will be gawking & that lessens the potential of actually seeing something or meeting the cast & crew. The smaller the crowd near a location shoot, the better the chances they'll stop & take time to talk, give autographs & just talk to you.

Regardless, I'm glad to be going back & actually releasing more like I used to do. It might help clear the air about certain locations & which actors are there. Plus it's fun!

Am I glad that I get to get a TWD fix year round? Hell yes! What are you, stupid?!!!

The Season 3 Set Gang rides again!

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  1. Looking forward to following your blog and enjoying it all again. Thanks for calling out the YouTube self-proclaimed "experts" as well as the overzealous fans whose main agenda is self-promotion and photos with cast members. "This is why fandoms can't have nice things"