Friday, June 26, 2015

"Outside" (An Experimental Short)

As night falls, they exit from their hiding places.

The light is unclean to them. Their corrupted minds know not why.

By their smell I know them. Dank and rotten - the smell of the grave.

Preceding their approach, the stench is unmistakable.

I watch as they move in the dark, slow and laborious.

Hundreds gather, then thousands.

A slow motion tidal wave of death.

I dare not move. I make no sounds.

This has been my life behind the shuttered windows. Normal now.

I watch as they move closer. A steady, crawling chaos of flesh.

Scratching & weakly clawing at the wood - they only know that they want.

I watch as one presses close to the door. Our eyes separated by a fraction through a distorted lens.

I see only hollowness there. No spark. Only emptiness.

I close my eyes and await the daylight.


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