Saturday, June 20, 2015

America: Apocalypse Now (Sorta)

Is it possible to wish something into existence? Could 300 million or 6 billion people thinking the end is coming, by pure collective thought, bring about the end?

I've often wondered about the old sayings "If you look hard enough, you'll find what you're looking for."; " If you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to make it happen. "; etc.

Is there something to the theory that if, on a collective consciousness level, humans can actually cause events to occur? Perhaps, by thinking about a scenario simply heightens our awareness of it & we begin to recognize that scenario more.

As we watch current events & see all of the negativity, violence & horror being pumped directly into our craniums by sources unknown - could this shape the perception of an entire populace?

Of course it does!

However, can it influence the collective consciousness into bringing into existence an alluded to or hypothetical future event?

I believe it is within the realm of possibility.

Think about that. If by influencing the minds of the populace could call up any event into reality  - why not a better future? Why is it that the thoughts & discussions are almost always leaning towards the end of all things? Why is it so fascinating to imagine apocalyptic future scenarios?

Those images are smoking hot nowadays. TV, movies, books, civil unrest, social unrest, war, political unrest, gun control, racial all seems tied together somehow. What is the common denominator in all of it?

It's people. People are the problem.

People form the collective consciousness from which both control & creation of future events spring forth.

So, the real question here now would be: "Who are the people who control the images that are planted into the minds of the populace that could create (or at the least influence) future events?"

Is this phenomena an intentional one or is it one that has formed on it's own? Either way, does that mean people really want the worst to happen?

Hell if I know. I just think of crazy shit like this & write it out.

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