Monday, July 27, 2015

"Unbound" (Fantasy micro-short)

In my dreams there is an endless sea of stars slowly flowing around me. An infinity of wonders known only by me.

I am not chained by the earthly laws so preciously clung to by those who study the cosmos.

I am unbound.

I am a god of the mystical & unknown places that the reasonable man refuses to believe even exist.

I exist in those alien cathedrals built of glittering gems thrust out of the cliffs of infinity and hang impossibly over a sea of frothy silvery liquids.

I drift aimlessly by those places were the dark is populated by indescribable & nameless things whose intelligence is vast but live in tombs.

I watch as dust aggregates to form planets in which great civilizations rise & fall in a flash of the cosmic whims. Leaving again the dust to start the process anew.

I muse at the worlds dancing their way through the ether. Pulled by unseen forces that could just as quickly tear them into atoms, but instead plays the music that guides them in their endless journey.

I drink from primordial oceans of vast and unknown worlds where no living thing yet exists & silence reigns. A peace obtained only through the gateways of dreams.

I see endless, colorful vistas of cosmic wonders swirling past the orbs that cannot be known, only observed through the veil of dreams.

Each night I welcome sleep and the wonder it brings. I reawake in those vast spaces to take flight into that which imagination is the only limit.

I alone have the key.

I am unbound.


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