Sunday, July 26, 2015

"A Long Walk Home" (A dystopian short)

I'm tired of eating these rations they hand out every day. It tastes OK, but it gets old. I remember eggs. They were good. That was when Dad was alive & he had some work every now and then with the Council.
I had a sister named Evie, but when Dad didn't work for the Council any more she ran away. I sure miss her sometimes.

After the war, most of America was in poverty. I know our family had been since then, my mom told me so. I wasn't born when the last bomb dropped. I was born a week after that.

In school, the book on history only goes to 2030, so we have elders visit to tell us what happened after that. I like hearing about those days.

Today, we heard about how things were just before the war from Mr.Tomlinson. He said that people used to have everything they could ever want or need. He said that people were not satisfied with all they had and wanted more. That's what started it, he said, the wanting of things. He also told us how the Council was created afterwards to provide for the survivors. Without the Council people would have starved long ago.

I guess so, but I still remember how real eggs tasted. Better than the rations.

After school, me & Tommy walk home every day. It gives us time to talk & goof off a little before we go home to do our chores. He's my best friend. He's 14 and thinks because he's older than me, he can boss me around sometimes. His Dad works at the Council Hall.

I'm walking home alone today. Tommy wasn't at school. He said his Dad was taking him to work with him.

Sometimes we walk past the Council Halls. They're cool looking. They say all of the Council Halls are like ours, all nice & clean. They're always busy.

The ration trucks run all day from the Council Hall. They deliver the rations to each and every house. Well, almost every house. There are people with no kids that don't get the Council rations & they have to go to the food dealers, but that's illegal. I heard about one guy the Council Law Givers caught down there and they took him to jail. I've never seen the jail though. It must be somewhere far away.

Mom told me about that guy. I think she knew him or something.

I better get home. The Council trucks are pulling out & I'm hungry!

I hope there's some meat tonight.

That'd be nice.

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