Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Miskatonic Annex" has expanded!!

Deadite Joe™ also has several other Facebook pages! The "Miskatonic Annex" is about HP Lovecraft, books & Mythos Horror. Click the link below to see!

"Miskatonic Annex : Astronomical Sciences" relays all things space! Click the link below:

"Miskatonic Annex : Medical Department" is dedicated to new medical technology, treatments, public health threats, etc. Click below:

"Miskatonic Annex : Oceanographic Department" deals in sunken cities, strange creatures, mysteries of the deep! know by now...

"Miskatonic Annex - Archeology Department" is about all the weird discoveries, bog men, tombs, lost cities, etc! Click on that link below!

So go on over, like & share! Thanks!!

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