Thursday, April 7, 2016

TWD cheated, fans shut down & more.

Well, the TWD finale for season 6 sure raised the ire of more than a few fans!

Yes, I was one of them.

That was a 90 minute set up for the biggest chicken shit move they could have done: cheat.

There were at least two deaths filmed for Negans introduction for sure. The probability of a third is high. The three (according to various confirmable sources) were Glenn, Daryl & Eugene. Fair enough.

SOME of the blame goes to a well known TWD spoilers site as to why we got the shaft on who actually was murdered. By releasing the audio, that site brought down the wrath of AMC & they had those guys shut down on FB, the web...hell, EVERYWHERE!!

They deserved it too. Drones, stealth & clandestine deals with someone in the studio... for real. That level of spoiling is damn crazy.

So, TWD cheated us. Instead of knowing that Daryl is murdered - they made it like it is...ambiguous.

Now the exec producers can gauge fan reaction to it & put any character in Negans death slot by season 7 filming!

If it weren't for fans spoiling the production to the level they had, we very well could have had a very different & definitive answer as to who bit the big one.

It should be Daryl.

In all honesty, Scott Gimple, that episode was weak. The build up for Negan took a whole season & to pull a 90 minute snooze fest just to be handed a handful of nothing was a shitty thing to do.

All I know is that Daryl Dixon better die now. Anyone else would further cheat the viewers.

Don't give me a Rosita death or even a Eugene...oh hell no, after this fiasco, I better get a big pay off! You know, like the ones you always say are coming, but never do?

Quit punishing the audience & give us a main character death already.

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