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"Basket Case" DVD / Movie Review 20th Anniversary Special Edition

"Basket Case" Something Weird Video 20th Anniversary Issue (2001)

DVD Cover Art (2001)


This is the second installment of 1980's blood splattered DVD & movie reviews. This time around, let's take a look at 1982's "Basket Case"! 


What does a budget of $33,000 get you when you give it to a director raised in the sleaze pit cinemas of 1970's NYC's 42 Street? "Basket Case"!!

Director Frank Henenlotter, who also wrote this gem of a splatter flick, took his outrageous script and stretches it into pure fun and blood! 

Belial's sequences were usually Henenlotter's hand in a rubber glove and the stop-motion sequences are truly disturbing in their campiness! The blood flows in this film and the FX are straight out of a big bucket of flesh colored putty- but it doesn't distract from the film itself. The dark humor present was intentional.

Filmed in 16mm, Henenlotter didn't have control over post-production so much of the theatrical prints and early VHS tapes were dark & murky. Changing the aspect ratio wasn't a great idea either.

Analysis Film Corporation released the film and I was lucky enough to see it in theaters. I still have the paper "surgical mask" provided by the ticket booth "to keep the blood off your face"! What a gimmick!


Duane Bradley (played by Kevin Van Hentenryck) was born with a semi-formed twin attached to his right side. It's basically a head with two arms. Duane names him Belial and has a telepathic link to him as well.

Duanes father, tired of their son being a freak and blaming Belial for his wife's death upon giving birth and unable to find doctors willing to perform a separation on the boy, hire veterinarians to separate the two and throw Belial in the trash.

Belial lives and the two kill their father and set out on a bloody revenge trip against the doctors that separated them.

A clandestine operation...

A grown Duane Bradley with Belial in the basket.

Dr.Needleman (Lloyd Pace) slaughtered by Belial.

Dr. Kutter (Diana Brown) is killed by Belial.

A Hotel Broslin resident "O'Donovan (Joe Clarke) gets it too.

Duane warns girlfriend Sharon (Terri Smith) about Belials jealousy.

Belial is a little pissed about life and his brothers romance.


Something Weird Video really went out to make "Basket Case" look better, sound better and provide extra material for the fans. This DVD issue has already been OOP and replaced by the Blu-Ray 30th Anniversary Edition.

Special Feature:

Running Time: 91 minutes
Dolby Digital Mono

New Film to Tape Transfer
Audio Commentary by Director Frank Henenlotter, Producer Edgar Levins and Actress Beverly Bonner.

Two Theatrical Trailers
TV Spot

One-of-a-Kind Outtakes and Behind-the-Scenes Footage from the Directors Personal Collection

Special Video Short "In Search of the Hotel Broslin" featuring "R.A The Rugged Man"

Two rare "Basket Case" Radio Spots

Two Radio interviews with actress Terri Susan Smith.

Clips from Beverly Bonners "Laugh Track" Public Access TV Show.

This horror gem is a funny and gory sign of the times. If you're looking for something along the lines of modern horror films- this ain't it. Go rent some Takashi Miike shit that just makes you disgusted with the subject matter. If you want real low-budget gore, laughs and creepiness- then watch "Basket Case"....or one of it's two sequels!!

I'm biased though as I have a fondness for these gory old movies. Go check it out.

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