Monday, October 13, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 -501 "No Sanctuary"

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 -Episode 1 "No Sanctuary"

Walkers are starting to show their age!

Human abattoir.

Rick tells Gareth how he really feels.

"No Sanctuary"

Now that's a season premiere! I was very impressed with the entire episode. I believe that it is one of the top two episodes of the entire series at this point in time. It seemed to have a right balance of characterizations / story development & action than ever before.

I was glad to see Carol brought to the forefront as a tough, smart woman. That's a real turnaround since the early episodes! I think she might have the most actual character development than any of the others, with the exception of Rick.

This episode was as much about her as it was the fate of the main crew at the hands of the Terminus BBQ Bunch. 

I'm not going into the story blow by blow as I think most anyone that reads my silly blog has already seen it at least once! There are a few things that stand out though that I think are worthy of mention:

  • Why didn't Tyreese let Carol go back into the shack to see if he had actually killed the Termite spotter that threatened to kill Judith? I don't think he killed him.
  • Since it doesn't graphically show Gareth's death, I don't think he's dead.
  • After Eugene Porter tells the others "his secret", why in the hell didn't someone say "Bullshit"! I mean, c'mon! The crew isn't stupid & they didn't even question Porter's "explanation" regarding his participation in the human genome project? 
  • Damn, was that zombie Andrea that Carol killed on the railroad tracks? That handcuff is stuck in my brain! Clothes look right, shot must've missed the brain. As my sister said, "Damn, Michonne, you had one job and look!"

Here's the reality of it: 

Besides, I'm sure the characters have questions in their minds that they'd pondered regarding the how & why of the undead phenomenon. Surely one of them has the right questions to ask him.

Here's my take on it:

That's just me, folks, I'd have to question that especially if the whole group has decided to risk their lives to get him to Washington! I'd have to question the hell outta him before I'd do it. 

I am very glad that Morgan was shown in the "Marvel-esque" post end credits sequence! He looks like he's confident and has pulled himself together. He's one of the more interesting characters in the show and he's only been in two episodes! That says a lot.

If the rest of this season follows the pattern set by the premiere, I'm quite sure that this will be the best season of The Walking Dead yet!


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