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"Evil Dead 2" 25th Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray (Lions Gate 2012)

"Evil Dead 2" 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Edition (Lions Gate 2012)

"Evil Dead 2" 1987 theatrical poster art.


This is the fifth installment of DVD/Movie reviews of some of the best splat-fests the 1980's had to offer! This, arguably, could be the defining movie of the genre during that time! I was very lucky as a 17 year old to have been near a theater that played it first run! I'll never forget it! I still have my ticket stub from the now defunct "Village Theater" in Carrollton, Georgia as well. 

Also, I considered reviewing the Anchor Bay "Evil Dead 2" Book of the Dead 2 Limited Edition, but since I'd already posted the original "The Evil Dead" in that form, I decided not to. 


Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert & Bruce Campbell met with Dino De Laurentiis in December of 1985, after Stephen King had phoned De Laurentiis and told him he should really consider financing "Evil Dead 2". De Laurentiis was, at that time, setting up De Laurentiis Entertainment Group or "DEG" for short.

With two claps of his hands, De Laurentiis said to Rob Tapert; "We do it!" Just like that. The three had obtained a budget of $3.6 Million dollars to make the sequel.

Sam turned to his friend, Scott Spiegel to collaborate on the script which needed to be scaled back to fit the budget.

The famous cabin was faithfully recreated in J.R. Faison Junior High School near Wadesboro, N.C. and they let their imaginations (and odd-colored fluids) fly!

Filming Henrietta's attack. Campbell (L) & Nicotero (R).

Creating the filming miniature of the cabin.

Filming the "Eyeball Flyball" scene. 

A deleted scene of Linda's severed head puking on Ash.


The movie starts out with a short history of the Necronomicon and then picks up with a "recap of the decap" introduction. (That term is Raimi/Campbell shorthand for the re-telling of the original Evil Dead story up to the point where Linda's head is severed).

There seems to be some confusion even among fans as to whether Ash returns to the cabin a second time or if the re-cap is just truncated for newer viewers. The truth is, they couldn't obtain all the rights for the footage from the first film and the original cast wasn't available, so they cut the re-cap down to it's bare essentials.

The end of the first film left us in doubt as to whether Ash was dead or alive, but this starts at exactly that point and we see Ash grabbed and propelled at great speed through the woods until he crashes into a tree. After splashing into a muddle puddle, he arises - possessed by the Unseen Force. Lucky for Ash, the Sun light drives the evil out of his body.

Possessed Ash just before the Sun drives it out of his body.

Annie, Jake, Ash & Bobby Jo...after killing Ed.

Here's why they had to kill Ed! Now, that's possession!

Jake got a little too close to the cellar trap door.

Ash groovily readies himself for battle.

The Unseen Force, manifested in flesh, gets an eyeful of chainsaw from Ash.


Lions Gate Films, Inc Issue:
2012 Blu-Ray Cover Artwork.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary with writer / director Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Scott Spiegel & FX artist Greg Nicotero.
  • "Dead by Dawn" - the film makers reflect on the long journey this sequel took to reach the silver screen.
  • "The Chosen One"- interviews with actors Bruce Campbell, Sarah Berry, Danny Hicks, Ted Raimi, Kessie Wesley & Richard Domeier.
  • "Madman Sam" - cast & crew reflect on working with legendary director Sam Raimi.
  • "Dead Effects" - a look at the films insane make=up effects with creators Mark Shostrom, Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger, Robert Kurtzman, Shannon Shea & others!
  • "Re-Animated" - animators Doug Beswick, Tom Sullivan and Rick Catizone detail the extensive stop-motion work from the film.
  • "Method to Madness" - a close look at the cinematography and production design along with cast & crew memories of some of the most memorable moments on set.
  • "Rosebud" - a detailed examination of the films editing, original release and eventual cult status.
  • "Road to Wadesboro" - an all new journey back to the original shooting location with property master and filmmaker Tony Elwood.
  • "Cabin Fever" - a series of production videos taken on the set by Greg Nicotero.
  • Archival featurettes, Still Galleries and Trailers.

84 Minutes Running Time
1080P High Definition
1.85:1 Widescreen Presentation
English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

Do I recommend this film? Hell yes I do! It has yet to be surpassed in it's ability to correctly mix horror and comedy by any other film in existence.
'Nuff Said

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