Sunday, June 2, 2013

TWD Filming Update (6-2-2013) Plant Yates

Yesterday, I went and scouted the Georgia Power plan Yates area. As we all know now, TWD will be filming there tomorrow Monday (6/3) thru Tuesday (6/4). There's some good news and bad news. Lets start with the good news.

The good news is that I was able to drive the entire length of Dyer Road (the location of Plant Yates) and even went around Wagers Mill Road to scout the backside. I saw the signs up for the cast & crew and even saw the production tents located well within the power plants perimeter. I was able to take some video and edit it together to give a driving perspective to the area, which can be found on my Youtube Channel here:

Here's the bad news: the way Dyer Road connects to Wagers Mill Road is almost a straight line with Plant Yates located almost dead center of it. When they close Dyer Road, it will be at both ends and guarded by Coweta County Deputies. The road will only be open for GP employees & TWD cast & crew.

Here's a few screen grabs from the video to help illustrate.

The picture above is of the entrance to Dyer Road off of Hwy 16 (Alt 27)

 The picture above is of the entrance to Dyer Road off of Wagers Mill Road.

 Even if someone makes it past the deputies, you will then have to deal with Georgia Power Police, who are armed and do not play around regarding the security of a power plant. Also, if one was to make it past the deputies and drive by the plant, the production is located very far away near one of the main corporate buildings. See the white tents on the ground near the base of the stack? That's the TWD production team. This view will not be attainable during filming.

A Coweta County Deputy Sheriff guards the alternate plant maintenance entrance road that the TWD Crew will use to get to the actual location. See those yellow signs on the post near the Georgia Power sign? Those are TWD Production markers for cast, crew & extras. This area will also be inaccessible during filming.

There's no where to park your vehicle and watch or wait for cast & crew that's even remotely advisable. The one church on Dyer Road will be used by crew and it's in the closed section of the road anyway.

There is across Hwy 16 (Alt 27) from Dyer Road, near the Chattahoochee Bridge a small boat ramp & walking trail. However, it's located lower than the highway and Dyer Road is not visible in any way. I guess fans could huddle up there and hang out to socialize, but there's no way to observe anything. I wouldn't advise parking there and walking over a busy highway to Dyer Road, just to be turned around by Deputies. I mean, even if he let you stand there- it's still about 1/2 mile to the filming location and you couldn't observe anything.

I mean, you never know what could happen, but for my time - I'll pass on this location. I've got intel regarding TWD filming from next Tuesday thru Friday at two locations in Coweta County that should be more easily accessed.

As soon as I can confirm and scout, I'll pass the word along through my twitter account! Have a great weekend!


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