Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TWD Filming Update (6/4/13) Plant Yates, Garrison Chase, etc

Georgia Power Plant Yates Filming:

Today was the day for some awesome filming at Georgia Powers' Plant Yates facility. I would like to start out by saying that this information was very hard to come by and involved several different sources that cannot be named. Regardless, I'll relate certain details that I feel will satisfy the fans and keep the 'cease & desist orders' at bay.

The last thing I want to do is bring down the heat on fans and sources from the 'powers that be'. So far, this season has been the hardest to watch and meet cast members on set. It's frustrating, I know, but our local group has it's own protocols about being non-intrusive and doing things the legal way. (Please see my prior blog regarding the legal issues for further information regarding this subject.)

OK, here's what most of you want to hear: there are in existence pictures taken today of filming. These pictures, as I will describe below, were taken at great risk and I do not feel releasing them would be the right thing to do for the simple reason as it has the potential of ruining someone's life. Plus, for various reasons regarding the studio & production company's stance on such photos.  You can call "bullshit" all you want to, but I assure you - it's the right thing for me to do.

Alright, here it is:

"There was two charter buses of 'walkers' brought in to the location. These 'walkers' will be made to look as a greater number". (My guess is digital additions, obviously.) The number of 'walkers' was estimated "at about 100". Confirmed actors today were "Tyreese" (Chad Coleman), "Michonne" (Danai Gurira), and more than likely, "Bob Stookey" (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr). There may have been other cast there to film, but these were the actors that sources could identify. The reason I said 'more than likely' regarding Bob Stookey is that the source stated the "new guy in the group" was filming today and it was a black male. Kind of looks like Gilliard to me.

There was no way for the source to tell what the situations that the characters were in. The source was very limited by the Georgia Power security, who were charged the duty of watching the power plants employees!

The filming on Dolly Nixon Road, Luther Bailey Road and Garrison Chase Filming:(6/4,6/5)

Lots of confusion on this filming location. Letters to the residents say one date, the actual signs put up in the area says another, then- a report that the filming on/off Dolly Nixon Road was completed and they're gone already...so lots of contradictory information. (I confirmed visually both the letters & the actuals signs as having different dates myself). I've got a source whose going to check the area early in the AM and check for:

(1)- If they are filming in those locations.
(2)- If there is any practical viewing areas for fans.
(3)- Relay reliable information regarding these sites for dissemination to the fans.

If they are filming and it's in an area where fans might be able to see or, at least meet, the cast - I will pass along the information as soon as possible. This whole Garrison Chase thing is kind of confusing, even to people who live right there- they're getting contradictory information. Maybe it's a re-schedule, maybe it's done already, maybe it was moved, maybe it was postponed, there's too many variables and conjecture to consider this a viable fan site, until we have 'eyes on' there and can relate real-time, accurate information.

Also, I'm trying my best to confirm rumors regarding filming between the 10th & the 14th of this month, but I have nothing I feel confident about sharing as it has no corroboration...yet. This type of research & investigation takes up a lot of time and resources by each member of our group. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out the way you wanted it to. It gets frustrating at times, but there is always a payoff sooner or later. As evidence, I offer my entire Youtube Channel. Those videos and interactions occurred over a period of months. The whole Morgan thing was pure luck! BTW, I should have never spoiled Morgan's return in retrospect. I posted his pictures on 9/12/12 - before season 3 even aired.

The point is, they've really just started filming and there's a long time to go before they're done. They have stepped up security, but they literally cannot hide forever and they certainly can't hide from everybody! To be successful in seeing or meeting the cast, you've got to be persistent without being a nuisance. You have to be sure of any information you spread around. A few fans do not do this, they spread speculation wildly and then it gets distorted and misconstrued. A few try to make themselves look like they know more than they do. Our group doesn't do that. We work to bring good, solid information and advice regarding the filming. No body should drive a number of hours, only to arrive to find that the information they received was incorrect.

Again, I hope you all understand the reasons.


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