Thursday, June 6, 2013

TWD Filming Update (6/6/13)

Dolly Nixon Road, Luther Bailey Road & Garrison Chase

There's only a couple of things to report on today, but I feel it necessary to catch everyone up a little. I'm still getting people asking about Plant Yates and it seems the information has been lagging behind and not getting out quick enough. Filming is definitely completed at the power plant.

TWD filmed, as we talked about in the previous blog, yesterday on Dolly Nixon Road, Luther Bailey Road and in Garrison Chase Subdivision. They were in and out pretty quick.

@boldtkeith was kind enough to conduct a drive by of the location early that morning and as usual for this season, the area was pretty locked off. There was no way for fans to sit & watch filming.

However, I am confident that some residents within the subdivision took pictures! I've only seen one posted and I'm not sure who posted it, as it was a re post from a Facebook source. Also, the picture was not water marked or otherwise contained any indications of proprietary ownership. So, here it is:

So, there you have it. It's a picture of Reedus at the craft services table. I'm actually more interested in what's in the back of the production truck covered in the tarp!

Hey, over the next few days & weeks, I am sure that more photos will crop up. I mean, the probability of someone taking a photo is actually pretty high, wouldn't you say?

We're checking on some information regarding upcoming possible filming locations as I write. For some reason, the date of the 10th seems to be cropping up a lot, but no specifics. As for today, they were back in Raleigh Studios. It's been a slow day, other than the picture, so this will be a short update folks. As always, I'll blog about any news that can be confirmed before filming as quickly as humanly possible!


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