Saturday, June 1, 2013

TWD FIlming Update (6/1/13)

Well, it's obvious that the production team sure learned a lesson from last years filming! So far, getting close to the actual filming has been tough. Luckily, we're still very early into the filming of Season 4 and I'm sure they'll be in locations out in the county where they'll be more open to fans and autograph seekers.

Although there has been a lot of buzz around three certain locations in Coweta County (the old Newnan Hospital, Coweta High School and Plant Yates), there's only been one confirmation.

A local newspaper ran a small article stating that a road leading to the power plant would be used for filming TWD on 6-3-13 and possibly 6-4-13. Lucky for me, that's nearly on my back door step! However, there's a slight drawback: the way the road runs is not very agreeable with viewing from areas that would be accessible to the public. As with every excursion, we'll have to go & see what we can do & see when we get there.

My sister, @picklesandpdots, and I have different theories about why & how they could be using Dyer Road (Plant Yates). See, not only does Dyer Road lead directly to the front gate of the Power Plant (which would be visually interesting with the condensers & stacks), but Dyer also connects into Wagers Mill Road. In that area there are a couple of old houses (as kids we referred to them as the old creepy mansions) that would make interesting backdrops as well.

So, depending on where on Dyer Road they film (which also dictates where 'Base Camp' would be set up) there are places that could be used by the public to watch or possibly get autographs. Of course, this is just speculation and nothing will be known until I get down there and see myself.

Plant Yates sits just off Hwy 16 at the Coweta County/Carroll County lines at the Chattahoochee River. On the Coweta County side of the bridge, there is a large boat ramp and parking area for people going to the river. If the production team doesn't use this as "Base Camp" then, it would be great for fans because of it's proximity, but unsafe walk across a fairly busy two-lane highway.

I'm going to approach from a different angle and maybe this try, I'll be able to hit pay dirt.

Anyway, if you're planning on coming out please be mindful that it's partially on Georgia Power Property and they have their own fully armed police and high levels of security. If you're one of those stalker fans that think they can just waltz around on foot and go wherever- you might want to re-think that strategy. Trespassing or attempting to get around a gate on power plant property will get you locked up with a quickness. That's a well known fact locally.

Anywho, I'll be out there sometime Monday morning riding in my Jeep- so if anyone sees me, be sure to give me a shout & we can all hang together (hopefully)!

Have a great weekend!


  1. JOE I wish YOU & other Fans have the best luck this Monday! keep in touch on twitter.---(looking at the Google earth images)....I can Imagine that GA power plant full of walkers (a HORDE)running after Ricks Group!! WOHOO!! this is going to be awesome episode.

  2. Here are some tidbits from a letter sent out via TWD's Location Manager;

    There are scenes scripted that require a road with an expansive, dramatic view, a wide shoulder and some nearby woods. Dyer Road in
    Coweta County, which passes by Plant Yates and through Georgia Power property, fits the requirements as scripted......

    The scenes as scripted would require us to close Dyer Road to through traffic for two consecutive days between the hours of 7:00 AM—8:00PM. We would also need access to the south shoulder of the road opposite the lake; which places us on Georgia Power property.....

    Our crew will consist of approximately 120 personnel with an additional 200 extras. We would like to stage our filming equipment, crew and extras on the east end of Dyer Road and out of site from the road......