Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goodbye Woodbury? A short update & speculations.

Hello everyone!

As we all know by now, yesterday (7-16-2013) was a location filming day in downtown Senoia, Georgia. So far, for season 4, this is the only time that downtown Senoia has been used.

Here are some things I can relay to you all regarding the filming.

Over the weekend prior, crew members were loading propane cylinders, trimming trees and generally prepping the area. This lasted until Monday. The propane, most likely, was for use by the crews pyro-technicians for flame/fire effects. I know this, as I was told the week prior that there was to be a scene where (possibly the Governor, but unconfirmed) was going to drive a vehicle through the gates and into the Woodbury Town Hall, resulting in an explosion. The propane, coupled with what was observable during the shooting (which wasn't much) seems to confirm this as a reasonably believable scenario. No great explosion was heard (smoke & a poof), but that stands to reason as to explode that set where it stood would pose great damages to both the Masonic Hall & Fox Hollow buildings. Most likely, it'll be enhanced through the normal CGI additions and possible large-scale model demolition.

After filming, the "Woodbury Town Hall" sign had been removed and the faux-Hall was completely covered in tarps to prevent viewing.

Anyway, I'm hearing some neat things for the near future and hopefully, some information that might help fill in the gaps of what has already been observed to help put together a more clarified understanding of what they're filming.


Stay tuned- Nash

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