Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"TWD Weird-O of the Week"

It's that time, again folks! That's right, it's time for "TWD Weird-O of the Week"! This edition had so many contestants that it was almost overwhelming, but I was able to snatch from the sea of nauseating self-proclaimed super-nuts a bona fide outstanding achiever!

So, without further delay, this weeks winner is.....

Melody Lynch, 32, of Saucier, Mississippi!

Congratulations, Melody! The pure craziness in your endeavor to find "your man", Norman Reedus, was unmatched this week!

I will admit that the competition was tough as several people had been arrested and/or caught destroying /trespassing on private property once used by TWD; but only Melody had the pure, true TWD fan-desire to not only try & track down Norman Reedus, but also involve her family, her children, commit a burglary and be sent to a mental health facility all within one single trip to the area!

Again, congratulations, Melody and we hope you get better soon.

Until next time, so long and get ready for another episode of "TWD Weird-O of the Week"! I'm sure they'll be plenty!

Source:  article written by Kristen B. Reed  @KristenBReed (Twitter)

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