Saturday, July 6, 2013

How crazy TWD fans will absolutely ruin the locations for us all.

I knew it was coming. Well, now it has.

Thanks to some crazy TWD fans who visit certain locations, they're ( property owners) going to start fencing off the areas and not let anyone onto the property. That's right. No more location visits for anyone- thanks to a small percentage of fans. It's happening real soon.

People are breaking into buildings, even stealing items from those buildings (that's Burglary!) and even removing sheet metal from certain locations in the Haralson area as mementos! Actually using tin snips and cutting pieces of metal off of the buildings! Stealing machinery from the mill!

For cripes sake, this kinda stuff needs to stop. I, for one, hopes the property owners act to protect their property and seal it off. Hell, I would! I would let folks onto my property if they respected it, but as soon as some crazy fan decided to steal- I'd lock it down.

There is no reason for this behavior at all! Please, if you come and visit these locations (especially the private property ones), respect the owners and the property!

Someone even stole a piece of machinery to the Esco Mill...that's a functioning feed mill, you idiots!

So a great big "thank you" to those who've burglarized, trespassed and stole from these property owners- you've ruined it for all future fans. Great job, ass-hats.


  1. What a shame. Why not just take pictures and enjoy those? Far too many want to POSSESS. All I want to do when we swing through there is see some locations and take lots of pictures. I don't want to pillage and steal!

  2. There's a fine line between being a fan and being insanely obsessed. Unfortunately,way too many seem to cross it. Like you said, some of these places are fully functional still and robbery and vandalism. It's a shame people have to ruin it all for everyone who actually respect it all.