Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TWD Filming Update: 7/10/13

Hi Everyone!

Today, I decided to go out to the filming location located in Turin, Georgia (a small town just west of Senoia) to see what was up - despite awful weather.

A couple of us local fans gathered near base camp and was, as usual, instructed by security that there would be no pictures allowed and they kept a close eye on us as well. (A big 'Thank You' to those fans who think they can do whatever they want to that has basically caused security to tighten.)

Anyway, I was able to see several hero zombies being made up and costumed by Mrs.Womble under a tent near base camp. Very cool looking ones, too. After enduring a heavy thunderstorm, soaking wet (we forgot our umbrellas), Greg Nicotero paid a short visit to the small group of fans who had waited patiently in the rain!

See video here:

There were several observances I think are important to note. We saw the stunt double (we assume) for David Morrissey's Governor character. Dressed as him, wearing a wig. Further, Martinez (actor Jose Pablo Cantillo) and Bowman (actor Travis Love) were also on set as well. Here's a cool kicker: earlier in the day a car drove onto set (nobody else was paying attention), I told my sister "Hey! That was Daniel Thomas May (Allen)." Now, a couple hours later- he drives back out and I get a real hard look at him- it was May. I recently saw him on a recent episode of "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" on [adult swim], and I feel confident in my identification of him. Now, whether he was there for filming or just visiting (he lives close) is anyone's guess.

We also saw them preparing clothes in the wardrobe that appeared to be the Governors shirts. Morrissey has been spotted in the area and that's been pretty much established and common knowledge among the local fan group- no surprises there.

Other, notables (and pure speculation on my part): We saw a young, white female actress kinda dressed like Penny, a 'normal' Penny- not undead (many of us thought anyway). Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something related- who knows? She was on set and part of what was going on- that much was clear. The best part, was watching the (estimated) 30 + hero walkers parade right in front of us to the wardrobe department! Man, that was an awesome sight! These walkers looked more aggressive to me (their orbital sockets seemed more pronounced and had an almost "angry" expression to the bony protrusions.) One walker had a substantial wound on his neck on his right side, a female walker had almost her whole lower jaw removed. The others, as best we could tell were 'hero', complete make-up zombies. Now, I wasn't there all day - only about 5 hours. I'm sure the other fans that remained will have more information and pictures.

                                                     My daughter and Mr. Greg Nicotero!

As per Season 4 protocols, we were not able to see any of the filming action. I'm sure photos exist, as a matter of fact I'm absolutely certain of it, as many were sneaking pics while no one was looking! Following our groups local code, I won't be posting any pics that might be labeled as 'spoilers' out of respect for the cast & crew.

There's more on the way, please be patient and as always- I appreciate you taking time to read my blog. Together we can build an appropriate fan base that will encourage filming to remain in our area and not move towards Augusta or Savannah. Please be respectful and do the right thing!

-Deadite Joe

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  1. Oo, very exciting! I'm getting more and more excited to spend a couple of days in the area as our time there draws closer!

    I have great respect for the show, the cast, and the crew, and to be honest, I don't want to know any spoilers! I want to be surprised in Season 4 as much as anyone, and I am always very careful about posting spoilers for any friends who haven't watched the episode.

    I don't expect to see any cast members, but I would be thrilled to see some walkers going to the set.

    Thanks for the reminder...I have added umbrellas to my packing list!