Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Star Trek Into Darkness" Review (5/16/2013) **SPOILERS**

I just got back from watching the newest installment, "Star Trek Into Darkness". My opinion will, of course, be biased as I have been a fan since 1975. So you are hereby warned...
I thought the film was fantastic. Great visuals, great characterizations, acting and although the plot was fairly simple, it was intriguing. Tons of Trek references, in-jokes, and surprises.
NOTE: I have now seen every Star Trek film on Release Day since December 7th, 1979! My tradition remains unbroken! Interpretation: Nerd Status Confirmed.
 Here are 12 things I liked about the film:
  1. The story incorporates all of the crew into their elements and it works. No one character seemed to be left out as has been the case in past Star Trek motion pictures.
  2. The action is fast paced and visually exciting.
  3. They actually took time in this installment to actually afford more character development.
  4. I didn't see not one lens flare! You can actually make out details on the Bridge this go round!
  5. They redesigned the Engineering Section - you only glimpse the "beer tanks" for a second or two. The matter/antimatter intermix chamber set is incredibly detailed and a welcomed addition.
  6. Peter Weller (Robocop) as Admiral Marcus was awesome and menacing.
  7. Cumberbatch was incredible in simply emanating menace and rage as Khan Noonien Singh.
  8. The dreadnaught starship was of an incredible design.
  9. The Klingons made an appearance! At least one took his helmet off so we could see the makeup! I think the design is pretty cool.
  10. The renderings of a 23rd century London & San Francisco were striking.
  11. "Spock Prime" makes a short, but immense cameo!
  12. The introduction of Carol Marcus played by Alice Eve.
Here are 12 things I didn't like about the film:
  1. Those Starfleet hats looks stupid. Really stupid.
  2. Are all Admirals in Starfleet crazy as hell?
  3. With all that 23rd century technology on Earth, it seemed that no one had the ability to detect two massive starships fighting in orbit, then falling into populated areas. With transporter technology, evacuation would have been easy- especially in the time allotted.
  4. 21st century technology could develop a genetically superior superman, but 23rd century technology couldn't? Adm. Marcus should have funneled all that money to making a superman instead of secretly building a huge space dock and dreadnaught around Jupiter (that no one noticed).
  5. The triad of Kirk, Spock, McCoy seemed lacking. It was more about Kirk & Spock.
  6. When did head squashing become Khan's signature move?
  7. Those stupid chromed Phaser pistols with a flipping barrel again.
  8. The dress uniforms look too stiff & heavy. I like the TMP colors; grey/white. But those dress uniform echo militarism, which is what as the movie clearly stated Starfleet is not! I refer you back to Number 1 in this list.
  9. The word "Shit" really isn't funny but once in a Star Trek movie.
  10. Spock is too emotional at times & also too cold at times. He's not found that balancing act between the two yet and it shows. A lovers quarrel with Nyota Uhura on a shuttle? It seemed almost like a damned episode of "Friends" for about two minutes.
  11. The sense of "explorers on a journey" was lacking in this film. If the first film was about Kirk "getting the captains chair" and this one was about him "keeping the chair" - why have so much emphasis on breaking the rules, only to not suffer the consequences?
  12. Too many crewmen get sucked out of hull breeches in these new Star Trek movies. What's up with that?
Despite my observances, I loved the new movie and I'll buy the Blu-Ray Collectors Edition when it comes out. Is it one of the best Star Trek movies to come down the pipe since it all began? You bet your ass! Is it the best movie ever? Not by a long shot! It is what it is: a fantastic Star Trek movie!

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