Saturday, May 11, 2013

"The Island of Dagon" : Final Chapter: " A Clue & an Oath"



After that, Edward and I survived on the rations that we had stowed and within a week, we had been picked up by an American ship. We told our rescuers only that we were stranded on Ujelang and the rest of our party had befallen to the Japanese survivors of the Mikage Maru sinking. They would not believe what had actually transpired. (33)

What I have written into this account is true and I have witnessed the crawling chaos that resides in the deep, dark oceanic depths rising up to greet the world with a cacophony of death and destruction. I cannot rest until the remaining pieces of the great puzzle are destroyed so that no man may follow to that horrid chasm again. Ancient man may have thought these creatures to have been gods, given them names and worshipped them, but I know that they are living creatures, powerful perhaps, but not gods. I also know that within the Architects design, there are things that live not in the spaces we know, but between them.(33A)

Edward, my closest and dearest friend, with whom brotherly secrecy and assistance has been assured by oath (34), have avowed to end the cult of Dagon by our own hands. We have the will and means to wage war upon those unnamed and accursed things that cower in the light, but prey in the dark on innocents. To this we have sworn our lives.

But until that time, I leave this manuscript rolled and sealed into the stone idol of that most evil Cthulhu that I took from Ujelang.

It will not burn and will be found- as it was brought with them from whence they came and is not of materials of this earth.(35)

I will place this foul thing on the front steps of the library, as I cannot enter into it now as the entire interior is fully engulfed in the purifying flames that I set within the rare books section. I've used enough accelerant to ensure that the entire construction will be nothing but charred cinders before any firemen could possibly contain it.

Like the great Phoenix of ancient lore, I have been reborn with a new purpose.(36) The blood of my friends will not have been spilt in vain as we will be the hunters now. I have no other focus or interest in my life but to blot out those things that bay and whisper at night and slip into the sea unnoticed by mankind into that dismal blackness of Dagons domain.

We will lie in the mossy & ancient cemeteries and abandoned cathedrals during those devils Sabbaths and send them back into that darkest, most secret Hell there is.

We must first make a stop in Arkham before our destiny at Innsmouth awaits.(37)


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