Tuesday, May 14, 2013

TWD Filming Update (5/14/13) - Part 2

Hi Everybody!

   Certain sources told me yesterday that the cast & crew would not be filming at the Griffin, Ga location at the abandoned Wal-Mart. The source stated that today was spent filming at the Prison set on the backside of Raleigh Studios in Senoia, Ga. (I have no reason to doubt this, as the crew did not return today to the aforementioned abandoned Wal-Mart.)

   This is actually good news, as my friend @mdp1503 was able to return to the "Big Spot" location during the day and take pictures unabated. She stated that there was no one around while she was there at all and saw no movement whatsoever. Below are a few of the pictures she has graciously allowed me to use in my blog. I'll comment on what I think are representational within the pictures. (Remember, conjecture based purely on photos is a tricky thing without having seen them film myself.)

This looks like some sort of survivor encampment, wouldn't you say?

The gate was wide open with a crew forklift and portable lights. No one was there.

The photographs above are used with permission from @mdp1503. Thanks!
The set dressing is definitely distressed more than usual as can be seen from the differentiating colors of the asphalt and the weathering of the vehicles. This is congruent with production stating that there will be another time-jump and it will be a longer one.
As soon as I can get finished with what I have to do in the next couple of weeks, hopefully the right opportunity will present itself (it will, trust me), then I will be able to go to a remote location myself and get some video & stills of the cast/crew in action like last year!
BTW, I also heard word from a Twitter friend that had been contacted by the Chief of Police in Griffin, Georgia (who had seen either the Twitter feed or my blog- not clear on that) who stated that the individual officer was not representational of the GPD and would like to know the name of the officer to ensure that the behavior exhibited would not be repeated! That is a great thing to hear, as it will ensure that the GPD will make sure it's officers are more public-friendly and especially- "fan-friendly" in any future location shooting. If anyone wishes to anonymously pass along the name of the officer, I will make sure that it gets to the appropriate person and the matter will be dealt with in such a manner as the officer will become aware of his actions (making him a better officer) and the source will remain totally anonymous.
Thanks again for reading and, as always, as soon as I get some news- you'll get it too!
-Deadite Joe

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