Sunday, May 12, 2013

TWD Filming Update (5/12/13)

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd drop a note about the ongoing filming of TWD. As we all know by know, they are filming in the abandoned Wal Mart in Griffin, Ga for a couple days next week (I don't know exactly for how long) & also in some wooded areas about the county, but good luck on seeing those wooded shoots. They usually shut down a long stretch of road and post deputies on each end far from the actual filming location.

The best bet would be the old Wal Mart, but I bet there'll be a ton of autograph hounds there- so I'm gonna pass.

I'm gonna hit up production a little later on when they're out on location in Coweta County. There will be a lot less folks present and the likelihood that the cast can stick around a little longer to chat & take pics.


Have a great Mothers Day !


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