Monday, May 13, 2013

TWD FIlming Update (5/13/13)

Hey Folks!

This week I haven't been able to get over to any of the filming locations, but luckily for me (and vicariously for you) I have a couple of good friends who live almost a rocks throw away from the abandoned Wal-Mart location being used in Griffin, Georgia.

LOL, I love how the TWD crew named the store "Big Spot"...lmao.

My "secret agent" is @mdp1503 on Twitter. Aw, cover has been blown!!!!!!!

Not only has she graciously offered to check things out for me, she was able to sneak a few pictures of which a few will appear below. She is going back tomorrow to check things out some more. Anyway, here's what she had to say to about today.

(1)- They are being SUPER cautious about photographs being taken so, she had to surreptitiously obtain what she got.

(2)- While there, she heard multiple gunshots from the interior of the building and some from possibly the roof.

(3) - She heard talk from other fans that Steven Yeun was there, but she didn't see anyone that was recognizable during her time near the set.

(4)- There was a lot of fans there trying to do the same thing as she was! LOL!

I know that when TWD films in such a public place, there's always a TON of people. That's why I hit the outer location shoots- ya know, the ones out in the middle of nowhere. That way there's hardly anyone there!

OK, so my 'secret agent' is going in for more tomorrow - so we'll get some more information. She also has a very devious plan for obtaining a better, more secretive spot to view & take pics! I told her, "be sneaky, but don't break the law or piss 'em off!"

 Hey, that's what I do! It's good advice, really! :)

Remember, in Georgia, there's 'plain view', you can photograph anything or anyone as long as they in such as place as to not have an expectation of privacy. So, if it's out in the open- (even on private property - as long as you take the pic from a public place and its plainly out in the open) -it's fair game.

OK- Here's some pics from todays Griffin location. I don't have any info yet regarding the Coweta County unit shoot today....yet!

Check out the fans, showing up on a Monday!

@mdp1503 stated that this was about the best vantage point and as close as one could get during filming.

All of these photos are courtesy of  @mdp1503 and cannot be used without her permission. Thank you for everything @mdp1503!!

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